The Rising Creative shot a commercial through Poptent for Stouffers Frozen Food. It aired on during season 4 of Lost. Stouffers wanted to promote their new flatbread and strombolis and we chose college students to use as the perfect target market. This commercial was shot in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Stouffers sign was composited in post as we did not want to draw attention to a “Stouffers” taste test.  If you look close enough you will see some green edge of a posterboard on a few shots (this not the final version, the final did  not have the green).

Stouffers Corner Bistro: Hot and Cheesy for College Students. What college student doesn’t want a good hot meal that can be eaten in the comfort of their own dorm room?

Our witless spokesperson has a good heart and great passion, but doesn’t fully grasp the concept of the Hot AND the Cheesy.